New Logo for Superior Labs



Since 2007, Superior Labs Supplements has provided potent, healthy nutrition for smart consumers who care about what goes into their bodies. Unlike mass market brands, Superior Labs Supplements are formulated with the highest quality ingredients available, in science-based formulations, and without artificial fillers. Superior Labs customers can be confident that they have chosen the cleanest, purest, most potent products available.

As we look to the future, we are investing to communicate more clearly with our customers. This web site was the first step. We are also introducing a new brand logo (shown above), and reformatted labels. As we transition, you will see both logos on many of our labels.

The new branding takes Superior Labs back to its heritage, back to our focus on purity and quality, and back to our commitment to producing the absolute best product for our consumers. At the same time, it points to our future - bringing nature and science together to deliver the most potent, pure, safe and trustworthy products to you.