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March 24, 2020 3 min read

You have most likely heard of the popular herbal supplement called ginseng. After all, it’s an ingredient that is featured in a variety of nutritional supplements. But are you familiar with Peruvian ginseng?

Commonly known as maca, this amazing supplement comes from the Andes of central Peru, grown in harsh conditions at very high altitudes above 13,000 feet. It is a cruciferous vegetable related to cauliflower, cabbage and kale. The edible part of the plant is found in the root which grows underground. This root is typically dried, ground into a powder and put into capsule form. Superior Labs 100% Natural Maca is grown and cultivated without chemicals, with each batch being tested for freshness, purity and overall reliability. Like all of our products, Superior Labs 100% Natural Maca capsules are free from magnesium stearate, dioxides, preservatives and artificial ingredients of any kind. This is one of the reasons why our maca capsules have quickly become a customer favorite.

But what are the benefits of maca? Why should we include it in our daily supplement routine? Most of our customers rave about how Superior Labs 100% Natural Maca helps to improve their exercise performance. Maca has been shown to help boost energy levels naturally while increasing strength and performance. Studies have also shown that maca can have a positive effect on enhancing endurance. (link to study One study involved eight male cyclists who supplemented with maca extract for 14 days. The study participants were asked to complete a 25-mile bike ride and the results showed that their completion times improved due to the increase in endurance. (link to study

In addition to helping to improve energy, endurance and exercise performance, maca has the following benefits:

Mood Boosting Effects - Studies have shown that maca can play a key role in helping to reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression. (link to study This is due to the abundance of plant compounds found in maca, called flavonoids. Flavonoids are found naturally in a variety of fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidant activity to help the body fight off harmful toxins. The flavonoids found in maca are believed to be responsible for helping enhance moods and relieve anxiety.

Increase in Sexual Function in both Men and Women - In 2010, four randomized clinical studies involving 131 participants found that maca helped to improve sexual desire. (link to study This was an important breakthrough because decreasing sexual desire is an extremely common issue with adults. In addition to increasing libido, maca is thought to improve semen quality and reduce the symptoms associated with menopause.

Promote Normal Blood Pressure Levels – If you are working to lower your blood pressure, Superior Labs 100% Natural Maca capsules may be a good option for you. A study conducted in 2015 found that 3.3g of maca per day (for 12 weeks) helped to lower the blood pressure in the participants. (link to study

Fight Damaging Free Radicals - Free radicals have been linked to a variety of diseases and even an increase in the aging process. Fortunately, antioxidants help to combat these free radicals, helping us stay healthy and happy. Maca root promotes natural antioxidant activity in the body, helping to fight off these free radicals and the damage they can cause.

When it comes to producing and selling our Superior Labs 100% Natural Maca powder, we strive for transparency in all aspects of the process. We want you to feel comfortable and invested in your healthcare, especially when it comes to maintaining a strong supplement routine. Learn more about our maca capsules here. (link to product page