Affiliate Program

Superior Labs is proud to bring its new affiliate program to our customers. One of the hallmarks of Superior Labs products is our purity process. None of our supplements are manufactured with artificial additives. We provide only the good, wholesome ingredients that help support your health. We provide some of the best supplements on the marketplace. Here are some of the most popular products from Superior Labs that you can advertise on your website.

Featured Products


Primary Benefit: Clinically tested LJ100 and 8 other ingredients to improve muscle growth, enhance drive, aid body fat loss, promote energy, and improve muscle recovery time.

Milk Thistle

Primary Benefit: Supports toxin removal, liver function and is a standardized powerful extract.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Primary Benefit: Maintains energy, cellular support, and antioxidant support.

Boswellia Extract

Primary Benefit: Maintains joint energy, supports joint comfort, upholds digestive health, and supports joint flexibility.

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