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Does TestWORx® Work?

Superior Labs formulated, developed, and manufactured TestWORx® in an FDA registered GMP facility that is third party inspected for superior quality assurance. This product contains absolutely no magnesium stearate, dioxides, preservatives or other potentially harmful artificial ingredients of any kind.

TestWORx® Works

  • Great ingredients
  • Can support natural libido
  • Well established, around since 2007
  • Great price


Brenden G.

"So far so good. I feel more energy and about 10 years ... So far so good. I feel more energy and about 10 years younger. I would recommend this to anyone that is either older or drinks a lot alcohol, which is a known deterrent to test levels to decline. Customer service is pretty great as well!"

Angel S.

"It WoRx! I was pleasantly surprised by this product. The reviews are not exaggerated. I have experienced both stamina and strengths benefits. My fiance keeps raving, telling me to double the dose!"

Greg B.

"Good stuff, back to my normal build. I lifted ~4 times a week for 20 minutes as 12 months ago. Body fat gone, toned and lifting over 40lbs more than began the bottle. If you hit the weights hard, no tellin how much gain you'd have, a lot more than I. 160 lbs 5'8" age 36"

Dean A.

"Great product. Perfect product! Works effectively. Love it and would order for more."

Ted B.

"Worth the price Great product, gives me a boost of energy early in the day with no side effects. I feel stronger to push on during my workout routines. Thank you you product works."

Jeremy K.

"Provides excellent energy but very expensive. If money is of no concern I would heartily recommend it!"

Kevin K.

"Great stuff. I've been using for over a year and can really tell the difference in energy and workout recovery when I skip a few weeks."

Kurt S.

"All natural product, no upset stomach, no harsh after effects. That said, I immediately felt it at work and improving my sleep, energy, alertness. Great product!"


"Have been using this for a year, and it works for me. I don't necessarily use it 5 on 2 off, I take it on days I am able to work out, so less than recommended on the directions. I highly recommend it."


"Product has raised my testosterone count significantly according to blood tests."

Brandon F.

"Take it from a skeptic, it works! I noticed increased efficiency on day three. Will continue to use"


"Almost finish with my first bottle. Definitely increase in energy after taking this product."

Rob S.

"Superior Labs was the first Test Booster I ever purchased and I liked the results from sleeping better to getting in better workouts. I figured a cheaper product would also do the same and bought a different brand. Didn't work as well and guess what... Well I am back!"

Josh P.

"This is the best testosterone booster that I've tried so far, out of about 5 different kinds. I can really tell a difference in my quality of life when on this product. I sleep better, recover from workouts quicker, and have a higher libido. So to me, it's totally worth the money and I highly recommend it."

Christopher A.

"Taken this for a month now and I can already see some exciting gains!"

Timothy M.

"I was impressed with the immediate energy I felt with the first dose. Its the 3rd day now and I already feel the younger energy! This is obviously a short term use review, but so far so good!"

Richard M.

"Very well packaged, fast shipping, great pricing and it works he at, awesome customer service. Thank you for offer a quality product that works as advertised."

Jacob E.

"A great combo of herbs and supplements. Appears to augment metabolism and vitality."


"The product was tested and the result was impressive. I no longer feel tired when I'm jogging."

Eric L.

"Great product! Have been using it for several months now and have had increased stamina, energy and metabolism! Great customer service too! I highly recommend this product!"

John L.

"I have noticed a gradual increase in energy, which I think is better than a huge increase. Seems like that'd be easier on your body. thanks!"