Get to Know: Saw Palmetto

If you live in the South Eastern portion of the United States, perhaps you have seen a beautiful leafy green plant growing in nature. It looks like a little palm tree, with its long fronds and bright green color. Saw palmetto is a type of palm tree that has been used for thousands of years for a variety of wellness purposes. American Indians used the fruit of this plant for food as well as to treat a variety of urinary and reproductive system issues. It’s also been thought that the Mayans would drink it as a tonic, specifically for its health benefits. Today, the extract of the fruit is typically used in a variety of supplements, including the Saw Palmetto supplement created by Superior Labs.

 Why should we include saw palmetto extract in our supplement routine? Here are some of the benefits:

1. Can assist in reducing hair loss: As we get older or if we experience various health issues, hair loss can be a frustrating symptom that we deal with on a regular basis. It is a common condition that can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics, hormonal changes and even from the use of certain medications. According to a study, saw palmetto was effective in improving hair growth in 60% of men who were experiencing male pattern baldness. (  Another study showed that 62 adults who applied saw palmetto topically for three months experienced an increase in hair density by 35%. ( That’s because saw palmetto may help block the activity of an enzyme that converts testosterone into a hormone that has been linked to hair loss.

2. Can help support prostate health: Saw palmetto is a great supplement for men to include in their wellness routine because it has been shown to support prostate health. All men are at risk for prostate problems including BPH and prostate cancer. Research has suggested that saw palmetto can help prevent these conditions. In one study, saw palmetto berry extract was able to decrease the growth of prostate cancer cells. ( In another study, it was shown to help reduce urinary symptoms and inflammation. (

3. May help regulate testosterone levels: In addition to experiencing prostate issues, many men are looking to improve their testosterone levels naturally. Saw palmetto is often used for this reason as it has been shown to positively impact sex drive, mood and even cognition ( Testosterone levels can decline as we age and some research has shown that low levels of testosterone can even contribute to heart disease. Studies have shown that saw palmetto can help to maintain effective testosterone levels in men, helping them look and feel their best.

Superior Labs Saw Palmetto is 100 percent pure, being derived from the most potent fruit of the plant. Each capsule contains 300mg of pure saw palmetto without any harsh additives that include magnesium stearate, dioxides and preservatives. Discover how Superior Labs Saw Palmetto can benefit you by visiting our product page link here. (