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May 29, 2020 3 min read

If you spend any time following wellness influencers on Instagram or YouTube, chances are you’ve probably heard them talk about Alpha-Lipoic Acid (also commonly referred to as ALA). This supplement has gained a lot of attention over the past few years due to the fact that it acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body. With colds and flus circulating around our world, taking antioxidants in our daily supplement routine has never been more important. Alpha-Lipoic Acid has been shown to play a role in weight loss, hence one of the reasons why it’s getting so much attention on social media! That being said, there seems to be some confusion as to what exactly Alpha-Lipoic Acid is. Where does it come from? How does it benefit our bodies? Does the research add up? Here is all you need to know about the benefits of taking Superior Labs 100% Pure Alpha-Lipoic Acid.

What is Alpha-Lipoic Acid?

 Believe it or not, Alpha-Lipoic acid is found in all human cells! It is an organic compound made inside the mitochondrion and it helps enzymes turn nutrients into valuable sources of energy. (link to Alpha-Lipoic Acid is known as an antioxidant that is both water and fat soluble. This means it works in every cell and tissue throughout our body. The trouble is that we only produce Alpha-Lipoic Acid in small quantities, which is why many people have been including it in their daily supplement routine. Foods like red meat, broccoli, tomatoes and spinach contain ALA but taking it in supplement form can give it to your body in much higher (and more potent) quantity.

 How does Alpha-Lipoic Acid work?

Alpha-Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that gets quickly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Because it is both fat and water soluble, it is easily absorbed into the body. It is most commonly taken by mouth to help restore balance and wellness to the body. Because it works as an antioxidant, it can help to relieve a variety of health issues. It’s also been using the body to break down carbohydrates and make energy for other organs within our body. Superior Labs 100% Pure Alpha-Lipoic Acid supplement provides your body with the amounts your body needs to heal itself and protect against future damage.

What are the Benefits of Alpha-Lipoic Acid?

First, let’s discuss one of the reasons why Alpha-Lipoic Acid has become so popular, especially on social media. Research has shown that Alpha-Lipoic acid may affect weight loss and a variety of ways. One study showed that ALA assisted in reducing the activity of an enzyme in the brain that has been associated with increasing feelings of hunger. In this study, taking ALA was shown to help suppress the activity associated with this enzyme, helping to reduce cravings and excessive appetite. (link to Research has also shown that ALA can help to increase the number of calories your body can burn when it is in a state of rest. (link to This makes the supplement popular for people who are too busy to work out on a regular basis or lead a more sedentary lifestyle.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid has also been shown to help lower blood sugar levels in both animal and human studies. This is due to the fact that it may reduce insulin resistance and lower fasting blood glucose and HbA1c levels. Researchers believe that Alpha-Lipoic Acid promotes processes that reduce fat found in muscle cells, which otherwise can make insulin less effective. (link to In addition to this, Alpha-Lipoic Acid can assist in lowering the risk of complications associated with diabetes by easing the symptoms of nerve damage. (link to

Not only has Alpha-Lipoic Acid been shown to be helpful in the areas of weight loss and diabetes, it plays a role in promoting cognitive health and reducing memory loss. It is widely believed that damage from oxidative stress plays a key role in the loss of memory. Since Alpha-Lipoic Acid is a strong antioxidant, it helps to neutralize harmful free radicals that cause inflammation associated with Alzheimer’s disease. (link to It can also reduce inflammation in other areas in the body while helping to reduce the outward appearance of aging. (link to

Why Superior Labs 100% Pure Alpha-Lipoic Acid?

At Superior Labs, quality and safety for our customers is our main concern. That’s why our Alpha-Lipoic Acid supplement is free from harmful ingredients like magnesium stearate, dioxides, preservatives and artificial ingredients. There are no fillers or any additives found in our supplements! Our Alpha-Lipoic Acid supplement is formulated, developed and manufactured in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility, right here in the USA! Learn more about the quality and amazing benefits of our product here. (link to