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Achieve Superior Well Being with These 7 Top Men’s Health Supplements

Feeling some unfamiliar changes happening to your body? It’s not just you. It’s simply a natural progression of life.

That isn’t the most enlightening answer. Taking care of your health can be challenging with the stressors plaguing your everyday life. There’s no excuse to overlook it. Muscle loss and heart problems can impact your lifestyle and happiness, so it’s essential to identify underlying causes and natural ways to alleviate them.

Rest assured, the team at Superior Labs has you covered. This comprehensive guide covers seven men’s health supplements that target the main health issues you may experience with age.

The results? Attain a holistic understanding of your body and how to support it with natural supplements. Start defying limitations today with this research-backed guide.

5 Key Physical and Mental Changes for Men

It’s normal to feel changes when your 40s come along. Men experience a myriad of shifts such as:

  1. Muscle loss: The more the body ages, the more its resting metabolic rate slows down. This decline can contribute to muscle loss and weight gain. Most men lose roughly 30% of their muscle mass over their lifetime. You might feel weak, experience a decline in stamina, and take longer to recover from injuries.
  1. Testosterone decline: Just as women undergo hormonal shifts, so do men. According to research, serum testosterone levels decrease with age:
  • Testosterone levels decline, on average, 1.6 percent each year.
  • 20 percent of men over age 60 have testosterone levels below the normal range.
  • 50 percent have T levels below the normal range by age 80.

Men may feel shifts in sexual desire, experience depression or anxiety, undergo reduced muscle mass, have a decline in energy, and/or see weight gain.

  1. Prostate growth: By age 40,roughly one-third of men experience moderate to severe symptoms of prostate growth. This number rises to one-half by age 80. Symptoms of prostate enlargement include difficulty urinating, weak urine flow, and unusual color or smell in urine. Though the cause of this enlargement is unknown, it’s likely due to hormonal changes that come with age.
  1. Cardiovascular issues: Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the U.S.

The American Heart Association reports the likelihood of cardiovascular disease in men stands at the following:

  • 40 percent for those ages 40-59
  • 75 percent for those ages 60-79
  • 86 percent for those above age 80
  1. Sleep disturbances: Counting sheep? You may start to experience sleep issues. A study analyzing men aged 45-75 found that 35.6% complained about sleep disorders:
  • 12.8% had nocturnal awakenings
  • 12.8% woke up too early and had trouble falling asleep again
  • 17.4% had difficulty falling asleep
  • 24.9% felt fatigued and still tired even after sleeping enough

7 Must-Have Supplements for Men's Health

Luckily, there are solutions you can naturally incorporate into your daily life—clean, pure, and natural supplements—that may help alleviate some of the changes we just discussed.

We understand the shifts aging brings can…well, suck. At Superior Labs, we focus on helping people like yourself defy expectations and move forward with confidence and ease.

Here are the best seven men’s health supplements to consider:

  1. TestWORx
  2. Magnesium Citrate
  3. DHEA
  4. B Vitamin Complex
  5. Saw Palmetto
  6. Hawthorn Extract
  7. Pine Bark Extract

Below, we’ve organized these natural supplements based on health goals and included research insights. Whether you’re looking to enhance your workouts, reproductive system, or mental health, we’ve got the right supplements for you.

Please note:

  • Some of these supplements may apply to more than one category. We’ve listed the supplements more than once in their respective sections for these cases.
  • There is no guarantee that supplements alone will help alleviate health issues. We recommend combining your supplementation with other healthy habits for a holistic approach, such as a good diet and exercise regime.
  • Be sure to speak with a trusted health provider before taking supplements. Everyone’s bodies and health statuses are different, so it’s important to craft a customized health plan for yourself.

If you have any questions along the way, reach out to the Superior Labs team.

How to Relieve Stress Quickly


Looking to improve and maintain healthy energy levels during your workouts? Consider TestWorx®.

TestWorx® supplements promote:

  • Muscle growth
  • Energy levels
  • Stamina

One of the key ingredients of TestWorx® is Tongkat Ali—a flowering plant based in Southeast Asia.

Studies show Tongkat Ali contains quassinoids—compounds that include eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone. These compounds help your body use energy more efficiently. More specifically, quassinoids can reduce fatigue and bolster endurance during workouts such as cycling, running, and swimming.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium plays a key role in maintaining athletic performance. Research studies illustrate that higher levels of physical activity may increase the need for magnesium. Here’s why:

  • Magnesium enhances glucose—simple sugars that serve as the body’s energy source— in the brain, muscles, and blood. Therefore, it has the potential to enhance exercise performance.
  • There’s a positive correlation between Magnesium levels and muscle performance. This includes grip strength, lower-leg strength, knee extension torque, and jumping performance.

Reproductive Support


As discussed earlier, it’s common for men to experience lower testosterone levels as they get older. Rest assured, you can feel less worry and anxiety about this with TestWorx®.

Let’s discuss two ingredients in TestWorx®:

  • Tongkat Ali: The Tongkat Ali plant in TestWorx® is notorious for helping with erectile dysfunctions. Research illustrates Tongkat Ali decreases the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). This effect produces higher levels of testosterone, promoting better sex drive.
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract: This extract comes from the puncturevine plant and may help improve libido. A research study showed men with low sex drives experienced a 79% increase in libido after taking Tribulus Terrestris for two months.


DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone the body naturally produces via the adrenal gland. DHEA helps produce other vital hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.

Studies show taking DHEA can positively impact sexual health:

  • Low levels of DHEA are linked to a higher erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.
  • There are also implications that the hormone plays a vital role in the erection process.

Prostate Health

Saw Palmetto

A dwarf palm tree native to the southeast regions of North America, saw palmetto has traditionally been used to support urinary issues linked to prostate growth.

Here’s what makes this extract supplement so vital:

  • Studies link improved urine flow and reduced nighttime urination (connected to benign prostatic hyperplasia) with saw palmetto.

Researchers believe saw palmetto may reduce enzymes responsible for growing prostate cells, which may help prevent benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Cardiovascular Health

Hawthorn Extract

A part of the rose family, hawthorn extract can play a vital role in your cardiovascular health journey.

Here’s how hawthorn unleashes its magic:

  • Hawthorn berries carry phytonutrients—powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals (molecules that damage cells) throughout the body. These antioxidants can help prevent and alleviate shifts that lead to heart problems by:
    • Upholding blood vessel wall strength
    • Encouraging healthy cholesterol levels
    • Supporting overall cardiovascular health

Though more studies need to be done on hawthorn extract, Natural Health News reports one study concluded that taking hawthorn “for 2 months was as effective as low doses of captopril (a prescription heart medication) in improving cardiac failure symptoms.”

Eighty percent of critical cardiac issues can be prevented with education and action. Catch up on how to improve your heart health through diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.

Pine Bark Extract

Derived from the bark of the French maritime pine tree, pine bark extract contains plant compounds like vitamins, polyphenols, and other phytonutrients.

These compounds’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties may help target various health conditions—one of them being heart issues:

  • One study showed adults with high blood pressure experienced lower blood pressure and better HDL (“good” cholesterol) after taking pine bark for five weeks.
  • Another study evaluated adults with coronary heart disease. Those who took pine bark had healthier blood flow and lower isoprostane levels—a key marker of oxidative stress.

Mental Health

Magnesium Citrate

With hormonal imbalances, it’s normal to experience mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. For example, a decline in testosterone can bring on fatigue and depression. All is not lost, though, with magnesium.

Magnesium citrate promotes balance and control when it comes to stress hormones. The mineral is vital in creating serotonin—the key neurotransmitter responsible for relaxing the nervous system and improving mood.

Take a look at our line of natural mood, sleep, and relaxation supplements.


Let’s highlight a few TestWorx ingredients that help boost mental wellbeing:

  • Tongkat Ali: A study assessing stress hormone and mood state among adult men and women found that Tongkat Ali improved their stress profiles—specifically in increase in testosterone and decline in stress hormone/cortisol exposure.
  • Maca Root:Maca carries flavonoids—compounds that have antioxidant properties. Research has shown Maca’s potential in reducing anxiety and boosting mood.


Researchers believe low levels of DHEA are common among older adults. As DHEA is essential in producing estrogen and testosterone, studies suggest DHEA may be effective in treating depression in people who have low DHEA levels.

B Vitamin Complex

B12 and other B vitamins produce brain chemicals that affect mood and other functions. Studies conclude that supplementing your diet with B12 early enough may hinder the onset of depression and improve the effectiveness of antidepressants.

Vitamin B deficiency can negatively impact mental health in the following ways:

  • Impaired memory function
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Dementia

So it definitely doesn’t help that one of the most common vitamin deficiencies as we get older is vitamin B12. As many as 20% of older adults have this deficiency, yet it’s often overlooked.

B Vitamin Complex supplements may help fill that deficiency gap. B Vitamin Complex comprises B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B12.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

A pivotal part of your supplements and natural health journey is doing your research to identify a brand that uses 100% natural and pure ingredients. Lucky for you, you’ve already found one—Superior Labs.

Superior Labs prides itself in owning a product line that’s 100%-free of harmful additives and guaranteed to deliver the exact ingredients and potency noted on the bottles. If you’d like to experience high-quality supplements and customer service, reach out to our team and explore our holistic collection of men’s supplements. Understanding what supplements you should take for men's health begins here.

Dr. Stephanie Nishek, ND, reviewed this article. Read more about her inher bio.